Building Great Charter School Boards Across Wisconsin

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Excellent board governance leads to excellent results.

Governance is at the heart of all that we do at Mosaic Non-Profit Consulting. We assist organizations in building strong, diverse and inclusive boards, organized around clear strategic plans, and aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Mosaic is proud to partner with Wisconsin Resource Center for Charter Schools (WRCCS), because we know that charter schools, as independent non-profit organizations charged with one of the most important missions in our society, benefit from the best that our communities can offer. And nothing we can offer is more important than our time and talent as board members.

Through this partnership, Mosaic is working closely with school boards and leaders throughout the state of Wisconsin on board building and strategic planning. We are excited to play a role in the expansion of quality school options throughout Wisconsin, in  communities large and small.

For more information on WRCCS, visit


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