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Planning for an uncertain future …

Our unique approach to strategic planning helps you define your organization’s bottom line, and develop a business model to achieve your mission.   Read more …

Sustaining your organization through uncertain times …

We understand that fund development is more than just grant writing. Mosaic Non Profit Consulting will help you build the relationships you need to sustain your mission through ups and downs. Read more …

Recruiting and engaging a high-impact, diverse board …

An engaged, diverse and inclusive board of directors is critical to your organization’s success. Mosaic Non Profit Consulting knows how to find and engage the right people to take your mission to the next level. Read more …

Using data to evaluate impact …

Now more than ever, stakeholders and communities demand tangible results from non-profit organizations. Mosaic Non Profit Consulting’s approach to performance evaluation will help you use data and research methods to measure the true impact of your programs. Read more …

Leadership Coaching …

Running a non profit organization is a demanding job. Mosaic Non Profit Consulting will help you pull it all together, and perform the every day balancing act that sustains and grows a high impact organization. Read more …





Strategic Planning 

Solutions include:

  • Three year strategic direction
  • Organizational assessment: financial, governance and program performance evaluation
  • Business model development and evaluation 
  • Community impact analysis

Non-profit leaders understand the myriad challenges of running on a non-profit organization. On a daily basis we must balance the interests of donors, volunteers, paid staff, and, above all, the communities that we serve, all in pursuit of a larger social good. All too often non-profit leaders struggle in this balancing act due to lack of a clear mission, vision and business model.

Mosaic Non Profit Consulting offers a unique approach to strategic planning that gives staff and volunteer board members a tools to drive their organizations forward. We start with defining a clarity of purpose: what are the communities that we serve, and what do they need? What is our definition of success, how will we measure it, and how will we build a dynamic team of both paid professionals and volunteers to achieve it?

Leaders know we can’t achieve much alone, but to truly lead, we need a clarity of purpose and a clear direction. Mosaic Non-Profit Consulting will facilitate a transformative process to get you there.

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Board Development

Solutions include:

  • Board recruitment strategy
  • Board engagement and revitalization
  • Start-up board development
  • Board diversity and inclusion plan

Mosaic Non-Profit Consulting understands that a strong board of directors is an essential element in the success of any non-profit organization. A diverse, engaged and independent board is instrumental in any organization fulfilling its mission.

Mosaic Non-Profit Consulting will help you identify and recruit and assemble a board members that meet the needs of your organization. We support leaders in reaching and recruiting diverse, representative candidates for board members.

But board development doesn’t end with getting the right people on the bus. We will facilitate a plan to truly engage your board, to get it better organized and focused on the right levers to pull that will move your organization and its mission forward.

Contact us to learn more about how we might be able to help you.

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Fund Development 

Solutions include:

  • Annual campaign planning
  • Capital campaign planning
  • Three to five year fund development strategy

Effective fund raising isn’t only about grant writing. It is about building and sustaining relationships, clearly defining a case for support, and articulating that case to unique audiences.

Mosaic Non-Profit Consulting benefits from the unique perspective of have been on both sides of the table, as a grantor and a grantee. We know what works, because we’ve successfully raised resources from individuals, foundations and corporations, and we’ve overseen grant making programs ourselves, providing millions of dollars in support to non-profits.

What is your case for support? How do you articulate in a way that resonates? And how do you strategically build the relationships with a diverse group of donors that will sustain your organization.

Contact us to learn more about Mosaic Non-Profit Consulting may be able to help.

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Performance Evaluation

Solutions include:

  • Impact evaluation of individual programs, services or initiatives
  • Evaluation of the impact of the entire organization, across programs and services

Today, now more than ever, non-profit organizations are called upon to use data and research methods to show the impact of their programs and activities. Donors, board members, and the communities we serve deserve to see results, and the only way to prove those results is through sound program evaluation.

Mosaic Non-Profit Consulting brings a unique combination of both expertise in data collection and analysis and experience in non-profit leadership. We can help your organization evaluate the effectiveness of its programs in a way that makes sense to donors and other stakeholders, and that can help drive improvement in your organization’s overall performance and effectiveness.

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Leadership Coaching 

Being a non-profit leader is a hard job. We’ve been there. And we’ve coached and consulted with a diverse array of non profit leaders and board members. Our unique, tailored approach starts by listening to your goals and aspirations. We can be your thought partner to help your organization achieve its goals.

Your coaching relationship will focus on the unique goals you seek to achieve, including:

  • Strategic plan implementation
  • Board/executive relationships
  • Donor relationships
  • Community relations

Contact us to learn more about how we might be able to help.

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